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Cash payment plan 87,136
Meter Avg. Price
4,500 12 Building Count


Inci Villa

  • Swimming pool
  • Landscaping
  • Walking Track
  • Security
  • Fireplace
  • أنظمة الإنذار: زر الإنذار
  • حمام سباحة خارجي
  • إطلالة بحرية
  • المساحة الخضراء أكثر من 70%
  • حديقة جانبية
  • نظام ذكي


Inci Villa

The "Engy Villas" project in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul includes 12 luxury villas with areas starting from 545 square meters and contains seven independent bedrooms, two 7+2 salons, a private garden, a swimming pool, a private steam room, a smart home system, and a central floor heating system. The project is located close to many public facilities such as hospitals, universities, schools, and commercial centers.


Inci Villa

Constructor Company Inci Villa